PostgreSQL as a Service

Don't worry about configuration, maintenance and backups. Let us do that for you!

ElephantSQL offer databases ranging from shared servers for smaller projects and proof of concepts, up to enterprise grade multi server setups.

PostgreSQL elephant


Here at ElephantSQL we have been running PostgreSQL servers for a long time. So you can always trust us to know what to do if you run into problems. We also have extensive experience in monitoring PostgreSQL servers. Enabling us to quickly identify and fix any issues.


On ElephantSQL you can always spread your data across multiple data center. Ensuring that it is always accessible and maximizing uptime. To do this we have developed automated tools to setup replication followers. These followers are read-only but can at any time be promoted to accept new writes and updates. Allowing you to maximize uptime.


ElephantSQL are available in a growing set of IaaSes. This allows you to easily move and distribute your data across the globe. All you have to do is to create a follower and then select the data center and cloud provider of your choice.

Available in multiple clouds

Amazon Web Services Softlayer, an IBM company GCE Azure: Microsoft's Cloud Platform


On ElephantSQL it is super easy to setup followers to your database. When you want to spread selects across multiple servers. Or you want to have a hot-standby ready to take over if your main database crashes. Followers is the way to go. They work by using PostgreSQL's built-in replication strategy.

Point in time recovery

We keep a write ahead log of all changes to your database and stores the logs in multiple data centers. We have also setup a automated way for you to create a copy of your database at any given time. This will help tremendously when you quickly need to restore your database to a previously known good state.


If you want to move your database to a different data center or migrate to a new cloud. Or create a copy of all your data for test. On ElephantSQL you can easily create a standalone copy of your database, it only takes a few moments.


For all of our plans we take daily backups. These are stored in a cloud file storage so they are alway accessible to you. Daily backups are of great use when you want to get some production data to your development machine.

Fully integrated with many application platforms