News and tips

Huge price cuts on dedicated PostgreSQL plans

We are cutting all prices on dedicated PostgreSQL plans!

We welcome Blissful Butterfly and Ruthless Rat to the Crowd

A cheaper dedicated option is now available at ElephantSQL, together with a new high-performance plan!

AWS Europe (Stockholm) now supported!

AWS is now in ElephantSQL's home country! We've added the eu-north-1 region.

GCP Finland supported!

It's now possible to create your PostgreSQL database in Finland. The region, europe-north1, is now supported by ElephantSQL.

Azure Australia supported!

We are today happy to announce that ElephantSQL now is available in Azure Australia!

What's new in PostgreSQL v11

ElephantSQL has enabled PostgreSQL version 11, take part of the perks and improvements!

IBM Cloud Catalogue

ElephantSQL is available in the IBM Cloud Catalogue!

Database multi-cloud strategy

Databases as a service, DaaS, is fast becoming the preferred way of running databases. The advantages are obvious: scalability, fast deployments, less need for a DBA, no need to buy servers, global access, low cost, and so on.

How Anyone Can Automate Data Reporting: From Spreadsheets To Free Cloud Database (Holistics-ElephantSQL)

This blog show how to build automated reports using scheduled imports of spreadsheets files to an ElephantSQL’s PostgreSQL database.

Google Cloud Stackdriver Logging

Check out how to ship your PostgreSQL logs from ElephantSQL dedicated instances to Stackdriver Logging! Stackdriver Logging makes it easy to centralize, search and monitor your log data from any environment. All you need to do...