Important Notice: ElephantSQL is shutting down. Read all about it in our End of Life Announcement

End of Life Announcement

Written by ElephantSQL blog team

Important announcement: ElephantSQL will discontinue its services. The product will reach its End of Life on January 27, 2025.

Are you a customer? Learn more about practical information, important dates, migration options and contact information to our support at End of Life - Customer Information


Back in 2013 we launched ElephantSQL as one of the first services out there to offer hosted PostgreSQL. Since then we’ve assisted many customers building all kinds of applications on the platform.

In the spirit of keeping our company agile, we’ve made the strategic decision to focus on something else: the AMQP protocol via CloudAMQP. We're noticing significant growth and interest in both RabbitMQ and LavinMQ (our high performance AMQP broker), where we continue as market leaders. As such, we plan to invest more in these areas with the full attention from the company.

We want to express our gratitude to our customers and partners who have been with us throughout this time. Though this chapter may be ending, our commitment to supporting you remains. We're here to help you until you continue your PostgreSQL journey elsewhere.

Service Shutdown Schedule

Existing customers will have complete access to the service until its discontinuation on January 27, 2025. After May 1, 2024, we will cease to accept new users. Comprehensive information regarding our shutdown process is available under End of Life - Customer Information

Customer Information and Action Plan

Our top priority is ensuring a smooth transition for our current customers. For this reason, we have compiled all necessary information, including contact and support details as well as migration options here.

The next chapter for our team

As we navigate through this transition, our team is not saying goodbye but rather stepping into a new chapter. The expertise, dedication, and passion that powered ElephantSQL are now joining forces with our colleagues at CloudAMQP and LavinMQ. This strategic shift allows us to focus our collective efforts on advancing our service offerings in Message Queuing and Message Streaming solutions.

For more details on our journey ahead and what this means for our team and services, we invite you to read our announcement: Next Chapter for 84codes