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Huge price cuts on dedicated PostgreSQL plans

Written by Lovisa Johansson

We are cutting all prices on dedicated PostgreSQL plans!

The market is changing, and so are we. ElephantSQL just cut the prices for dedicated single node instances and HA (follower) plans.

These price changes are also applied to your current instances, without any changes on your hardware/performance - even though the prices are reduced.

Enormous Elephant (8GB RAM, 250GB data) has a price cut down to $199 per month.

Puffy Pigeon (16GB RAM, 500GB data) has a price cut down to $399 per month.

Dramatic Dolphin (32GB RAM, 1000GB data) is down to $749 per month.

All dedicated instances can still be created with followers, which is an online backup with streaming replication from your leader, that automatic failover if the leader would go down. A Puffy Pigeon with a follower has a price cut down to a total of $798.

Check out new prices at the plan page: