ElephantSQL is a PostgreSQL database service you can add to your app in Bluemix. When you add the service you will get a deployed PostgreSQL database with automatically configured database parameters, hosted in bluemix. ElephantSQL will manage administrative tasks of PostgreSQL, such as installation, upgrades to latest stable version and backup handling.

Service plans

We offer different plans for different needs, both dedicated servers and databases on a shared server. All information about the different plans can be found here.

Where to start?

Once the service is added to space, a link to ElephantSQL Control Panel will appear within Bluemix. The instance details, such as connection username, password, statistics, connections and your slow queries can be seen at the details pages.

Open the Bluemix Dashboard and press Services and "OPEN ELEPHANTSQL DASHBOARD" to get to the control panel.

You can get started using your PostgreSQL database by using any of the guides listed to the left, depending on languages. These tutorials cover the basics of how to get started with ElephantSQL. The database instance can be tested and used via different tools, e.g the ElephantSQL SQL browser, pgAdmin or psql. A link to ElephantSQL SQL browser page can be found from the control panel. From that page you can execute sql queries from your web browser. psql is an interactive terminal for work with Postgres and pgAdmin is a graphical administration client for PostgreSQL.

ElephantSQL offer tools to simplify the usage of the PostgreSQL database, check out the product overview for more information.


The connection and credential information for the service instance is available in the Bluemix VCAPSERVICES environment variable. You can use the VCAPSERVICES environment variable to connect to ElephantSQL. Open the Bluemix dashboard and press Environment Variables to find it.


If you need support we are happy to help you, just email us at support@elephantsql.com. A list of our most frequently asked questions can be found here.