Meet the DBA team behind ElephantSQL

Written by Elin Vinka

The team behind ElephantSQL want to take the opportunity to wish you a happy new year!

During the past year, we have worked hard to meet our customers' wishes, and we are continually working to improve and simplify the use of ElephantSQL.

New features in ElephantSQL 2017

High Availability (HA) plans

You have the option to get a High Availability (HA) plan. A database on an HA plan will be created with a follower and has automatic failover in the face of hardware or software failure.Read more!

Streaming replication across clouds

We have added support for streaming replication across clouds! You can now fork your GCE instance into an AWS instance, or set up a Softlayer master with an Azure follower.Read more!

Point in time restore

In addition to resetting and restoring to pg_dump backups, you can now restore your instance to any point in time. This is done by resetting to our most recent base backup before the chosen time and then replaying the WAL.Read more!

PostgreSQL log integrations

We added the ability to ship your PostgreSQL logs from ElephantSQL dedicated instances to Papertrail, Splunk, Loggly and Logentries, which makes it easy to centralize, search and monitor your log data from any environment.

Backup API

This year we added to option to list, download, create and restore from backups through our Backups API.

New members

The team are constantly growing and this year we have added several new members! We hope that you have enjoyed the enhanced quality of ElephantSQL and we look forward to a new year with new features and improvements. Let us know if you are missing any specific requests.

Happy new year from 84codes AB

The company behind ElephantSQL, the Swedish tech company 84codes AB, is a big actor on the market for cloud hosted open source services and provides solutions for almost 100 000 customers worldwide. We are dedicated to simplifying cloud infrastructure for developers and provide a set of high quality cloud-hosted open source services such as CloudAMQP, CloudKarafka and CloudMQTT.

We would like to take the opportunity to wish you a happy new year! If you would like to know more about us, please visit our web page at