Important Notice: ElephantSQL is shutting down. Read all about it in our End of Life Announcement

Dedicated Plan

A dedicated plan gives you a PostgreSQL server hosted in a cloud provider specified by you. All servers are continuously monitored for availability and performance. You will always have the option to create multiple databases and users on a dedicated plan.

Dedicated Plan with Follower

Some fault tolerance can be added to your dedicated setup, by having an online backup with streaming replication from your leader. The follower can be located in another region or even at a different cloud provider. Your cluster is monitored by redundant monitors that handle automatic failover if the leader would go down.

Shared Plans

A shared plan in ElephantSQL gives you a single deployed PostgreSQL database with automatically configured database parameters, hosted in a cloud provider specified by you. A shared plan is recommended for hobby projects and development since the database server serves multiple tenants.

Feature Shared Plan Dedicated Plan
Email Support
Database statistics
ElephantSQL SQL Browser
Slow queries
Service Level Agreement (99.95% Availability)
Follower option (HA plan)
Log integrations
PostgreSQL Log Stream
Integrations: DataDog, AWS CloudWatch, Logentries, Librato, New Relic
Critical Support

Included in all plans


All servers are continuously monitored for availability and performance. Most often we detect and address issues before they become a problem.


Automated backups (pg_dump) are performed every day. Full server backups (base backup) are performed once a week, rolling WAL backups are performed every second minute.


All instances have access to ElephantSQL Web Browser, which is great for simple inspection and for test queries.


ElephantSQL is available in a growing set of IaaSes. This allows you to easily move and distribute your data across the globe.


All plans are billed by the second, so you can try out even the largest instance types for mere pennies. Billing occurs at the end of each month, and you're only charged for the time an instance has been available to you.


We answer emails ( 24/7 and for larger plans, we also provide phone support. Please email us if you need help to get started or if you want to setup a call to discuss how ElephantSQL can support your business.

Supported data centers and regions

We support multiple data centers and regions. Dedicated plans are available in all regions listed below.

* Regions marked with an asterisk are regions that are also available for our shared instances, Tiny Turtle and Pretty Panda.

AP East 1 (Hong Kong) *

AP NorthEast 1 (Tokyo) *

AP NorthEast 2 (Seoul)

AP NorthEast 3 (Osaka)

AP South 1 (Mumbai)

AP SouthEast 1 (Singapore)

AP SouthEast 2 (Sydney) *

CA Central 1 (Canada)

EU Central 1 (Frankfurt)

EU North 1 (Stockholm) *

EU South 1 (Milan)

EU West 1 (Ireland) *

EU West 2 (London)

EU West 3 (Paris)

ME South 1 (Bahrain)

SA East 1 (Sao Paulo) *

US East 1 (Northern Virginia) *

US East 2 (Ohio)

US West 1 (Northern California) *

US West 2 (Oregon)

Asia East 1 (Taiwan)

Asia East 2 (Hong Kong) *

Asia Northeast 1 (Tokyo)

Asia South 1 (Mumbai)

Asia Southeast 1 (Singapore)

Australia Southeast 1 (Sydney) *

Europe North 1 (Finland)

Europe West 1 (Belgium)

Europe West 2 (London) *

Europe West 3 (Frankfurt)

Europe West 4 (Netherlands)

Europe West 6 (Zürich)

North America Northeast 1 (Montréal, Canada)

South America East 1 (São Paulo) *

US Central 1 (Iowa) *

US East 1 (South Carolina)

US East 4 (North Virginia)

US West 1 (Oregon)

US West 2 (Los Angeles)

Australia East

Australia Southeast

Brazil South

Canada Central

Canada East

Central India

Central US *

East Asia

East US

East US 2

France Central

Japan East

Japan West

Korea Central

Korea South

North Central US

North Europe

Norway East

South Africa North

South Central US

South India

Southeast Asia

UAE North

UK South

UK West

West Central US

West Europe *

West India

West US

West US 2