News and tips

Free and shared PostgreSQL databases now available in more regions

Many new regions are now available for our shared instances: Tiny Turtle, Simple Spider, Crazy Cat, Pretty Panda.

AWS Hongkong now supported

The team behind ElephantSQL is happy to announce that we now offer support for AWS Hongkong.

Updated Documentation for ElephantSQL APIs

The documentation for ElephantSQL API:s has been updated and moved to its own place. Read up about how you can create your instances, set up alarms, or restart your cluster via the APIs.

Teams and SAML improvements

A set of highly requested team and user management features has arrived. Multiple teams, transfer subscriptions, SAML enforced roles and turning off password based logins.

Fork a new ElephantSQL instance from any PostgreSQL server!

We’re happy to let you know that you’re now able to fork a new ElephantSQL instance from any Postgres server!

Schedule backup for your dedicated instance

You are now able to schedule your backups and run away from peak business hours, a possibility avaliable for your dedicated instances!

ElephantSQL invites 2019!

Thanks for a great year! Here is what's next for 2019!

Our new friends in our shared plan-crowd: Simple Spider and Crazy Cat!

ElephantSQL proudly introduces a 5$ plan and a 10$ plan to our shared plan-crowd!

Huge price cuts on dedicated PostgreSQL plans

We are cutting all prices on dedicated PostgreSQL plans!

We welcome Blissful Butterfly and Ruthless Rat to the Crowd

A cheaper dedicated option is now available at ElephantSQL, together with a new high-performance plan!