We welcome Blissful Butterfly and Ruthless Rat to the Crowd

Written by Lovisa Johansson

A cheaper dedicated option is now available at ElephantSQL, together with a new high-performance plan!

Many requests have been made for a cheaper dedicated option, and we are finally offering two new dedicated plans to the public!

Let me present: Blissful Butterfly ($49/month) which gives you 2 GB RAM, 50 GB Data and up to 50 concurrent connections. It’s also possible to create Blissful Butterfly with a follower, for a total of $98.

Our new high-performance plan Ruthless Rat ($1399), gives you 64GB RAM, 2000 GB Data, and hundreds of connections.

"hundreds of connections" might be hard to understand. There is simply no physical limits, it's the hardware that will set that limit. We can always tweak "number of connections" for your plan by editing how much memory each connection can use.

Huge price cuts has also been done on our current plans! Read more about all price changes